Work with us

We are looking for collaborators who can help in realizing events on the most disruptive technology teopics: Internet of Things, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain.

Fluent English is required. It is possible to work by remote sites and meet the team periodically.

If you fit in one of the profiles here below, write to  and mention the reference code in the e-mail subject.

Rif. OC: Call center operator
We are looking for people with experience in the call center sector, commited to a professional career in the field of teleselling.
The resources, after initial training, will deal with telephone promotion activities of the events: inviting to participate, organizing meetings at the exhibiting companies, communicating general information.

Rif. EM: Event Manager
We are looking for people with a strong passion for digital technology, who can understand who the main players, influencers and emerging trends are. Meeting management skills are required from the brainstorming phase to the operational management of the panel of experts and the audience to be invited / engaged. People with a professional network already established among medium-large company managers are welcome. Furthermore, a good dose of resourcefulness and determination is indispensable.

We are looking for freelance profiles, fixed/variable pay for each event.

Rif. EA: Event Assistant
We are looking for people with strong organizational skills, commercial sensitivity, experience in business events, capable to work towards goals and great determination in achieving them. Applicants are included in the staff of the organizational secretariat and carry out activities related to the promotion and implementation of Innovability’s B2B events, in particular taking care of the production of marketing materials, the implementation of the communication plan, the management of dedicated websites, relations with the invited speakers and participating companies, the coordination of the implementation services.

Rif. FR: Fund Raiser
We are looking for a Senior person with a consolidated professional network at medium and large companies for the acquisition of sponsorship. The candidate must be able to analyze the market, identify potential sponsors and manage the entire lead generation process up to the signing of the sponsorship. Previous experience in a similar position in private or non-profit companies is welcome. The required profile is freelance and the remuneration is certainly interesting and is defined for each individual event.