June-November 2017

The Smart Home Now series makes easier the meeting between long-standing experience professionals and players in the Internet of Things. Being able to understand both sides is fundamental for a winning strategy in the Smart Home/Building dynamic market, bringing new solutions and services in houses and offices.
• 15 June 2017 – Bari
• 22 June2017 – Rome
• 29 June 2017 – Trento
• 5 October 2017 – Pisa
• 9 November 2017 – Milan

September-November 2017

IoT Convivio is also meant to be a “home base”, namely, the meeting point for the new Chief IoT Officers that are responsible for digital transformation projects and services with the predominant integration of “things” in user companies. IoT Convivio was not only established to create private, in-depth meetings for a limited and select number of participants but also to provide a broader audience with an opportunity for dialogue and comparison, case histories and training content divulged via webinar meetings, interviews and e-books. The events take place in easily accessible venues that also offer a private and relaxing environment, such as villas and historic buildings, industrial museums, and clubhouses. One of the headquarters is Villa La Valera in Arese, which is a few kilometers from Milan. Villa La Valera is also the headquarters of Innovability (House of Innovability).

Provisional timetable
• Arese – September 28th 2017
• End of October
• End of November

23rd-29th September 2017 – Milan

Disruptive Week is a collection of events on emerging and disruptive technology, especially IoT, Wearable, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, Robotics, AR. The event’s format is unconventional and certainly different from the traditional fairs’ format. It features events tailored for the target audience: conferences, showcases, talk shows, visits to enterprises, matchmaking.

10th-11th October 2017 – Turin

SMART MOBILITY WORLD, in its fifth edition, is the most important European event dedicated to sustainable, digital and integrated mobility. Thanks to the innovative EXPOFORUM format the event, represents a professional hub for generating concrete business opportunities, with over 3500 international operators.

21st-22nd November 2017 – Rome

From great success of IOTHINGS Milan starts IOTHINGS Rome that will take place with a rich conference program that will offer an overview on the most innovative M2M/IoT technologies such as LPWAN, IoT Analytics, Cloud and Cybersecurity, but also on applications in vertical markets of strong interest such as Industry 4.0, Smart Farming, Tourism, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructures.

21st-22nd November 2017 – Rome

The first event in Italy which wants to accelerate creation of an open ecosystem and the realization of innovative projects enabled by 5G technology in order to accelerate the digital transformation of the country and development business and employment.

16th-17th May 2017 – Milan, Marriott Hotel

IOTHINGS come from the experience gained through M2M FORUM, the firstever international M2M+IoT Conference & Expo. M2M forum was launched in 2002 by Innovability and in 15 editions has brought together European players in the Machine- to-Machine and Internet of Things space.

16th-17th May 2017 – Milan, Marriott Hotel

Since 2011 IOTHINGS has developed the Smart Energy area, now IOENERGY, in collaboration with trade associations and partners. The aim is to provide broad and integrated contents on the technology usage for the Internet of Energy field.

16th-17th May 2017 – Milan, Marriott Hotel

Since its the beginning in 2002, embedded technology for wireless applications have always been part of the M2M Forum program. This year the event features a special conference track on this subject.

21st March 2017 – La Pista c/o “Il Centro”

The event promotes the adoption of the digital technology in the multichannel relationship between merchant and client and features the digital innovations aimed to increase the store’s capability to access the market. The collaboration with startups is a key point on the digital innovation process of corporations, to make processes easier and faster: this event, for the first time, wants to present the Open Innovation to retail operators and retailers as a way to introduce digital innovation in stores.

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